Kizuna Baby

Kizuna Baby is a program in which trained volunteers regularly visit and massage babies living in institutions in their own communities to foster the children’s health, well-being and development. The program was launched in Japan in 2010. More than thirty baby massage volunteers and six institutions currently participate in the program. The six institutions are in Kobe, Morioka and Tokyo. Kizuna Baby also provides free baby massage classes to the staff of institutions and to biological, foster and adoptive parents of institutionalized children.

‘Kizuna’ is the Japanese word for ‘bond’ and refers to the bond between babies and their parents or other caregivers which is deepened by nurturing touch and which is so crucial to children's well-being and optimal development.

Baby Massage Workshop for the Volunteer Program

Maximum number of participants: 25
Application deadline: March 14 (Sat)
Please send application to with the following information: full name, telephone number (mobile number preferable), and purpose for enrolling in the workshop. Details will be sent after applications are received.

◆ Instructor: Doris Seau Yakuwa
Trainer & Therapist, Wellness education for mothers, babies and children

Doris started baby massage 14 years ago with the birth of her twin boys. Even now, she continues to practice nurturing touch to her twins. In addition, Doris has been conducting workshops based on the EduQ wellness program for children and women and Chinese medicine for more than 10 years in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and China. The workshops are for a broad range of persons -- from newborn babies to 18-year-olds and their parents and also women -- to educate them on approaches and techniques that combine both natural remedies from the East and the West. Doris is passionate about sharing and conveying her knowledge and experience to others.

◆ Certifications / Training
★ Therapist, Trainer

★ Chinese Medicine

★ Yoga Instructor