Kizuna Baby

Kizuna Baby is a program in which trained volunteers regularly visit and massage babies living in institutions in their own communities to foster the children's health, well-being and development. The program was launched in Japan in 2010. Sixty baby massage volunteers and six institutions currently participate in the program. The six institutions are in Kobe, Morioka, and Tokyo. Kizuna Baby also provides free baby massage classes to the staff of institutions and to biological, foster and adoptive parents of institutionalized children.

Baby Massage Instructors: If you have completed a baby massage instructor training and you may be interested in volunteering to provide classes, please contact us.

Institution Staff and Directors: If you want more information about the Kizuna Baby program, or if your institution may be interested in receiving free baby massage classes or the services of baby massage volunteers, please contact us.

Baby Massage Volunteers: The baby massage volunteer program is currently full, and volunteer applications are not being accepted at this time. There are no plans to recruit additional volunteers in the near future. You may wish to check back again in a few months to see if applications are being accepted.